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Welcome to City of Berat

The city of Berat is one of Albania's oldest cities. With a history that goes back as far as the 6 th Century BC, the area was founded many centuries ago. Along with many historic landmarks, Berat, Albania travel allows access to some of the country's most beautiful areas. Found just south of the capital city of Tirana, Berat travel is exciting in many ways.

Known as a “Museum City”, Berat includes a multitude of attractions and points of interest. Berat hotels are scattered throughout the area, providing easy access to the city's most exciting areas and making travel to the area convenient. The Berat Castle is one of the city's most well known attractions. Found along the Osum River, the Castle dates back many centuries and includes a fortified courtyard. In addition to this and many other historical landmarks, there are a variety of other activities to enjoy in Berat.


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Sightseeing Of Berat


The area is often referred to as the “Town of a Thousand Windows” because its unique architecture and homes with large windows that overlook Berat. Another point of interest in the city is the Church of St. Mary of Blachernae. The Church was built in the 13 th Century and includes many murals from the 1700s. The center of Berat is where you'll find the Lead Mosque, which dates back to the 16 th Century and is a prominent landmark that is often a part of Berat travel.

You will also enjoy views of Mount Tomorri, which includes the Tomorri hotel. As one of the most famous of all Berat hotels, it attracts travelers from all around. When you decide to travel to Albania, the city of Berat has much to offer. With close proximity to the capital city and endless activities to enjoy, tourism in Berat, Albania is a booming industry.