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Welcome to City of Butrint

The ruins of Butrint, Albania date back to the Hellenistic Era, with many sites and structures still visible today. The city survived through the Roman Empire and also has attractions from medieval times. It is located in the southwest portion of the country and invites tourists from all over the world to view the amazing architecture from various eras.

Travelers will delight in discovering the ruins, as well as the national park. The area has been designated a site of historical importance, and was named so in 1948. A World Heritage Site was designated in 1992. Various relics from all the ages are on display throughout the park and museum for tourists to enjoy. Photography is allowed throughout the settlement, but never inside the museum.

The historic significance of the settlement draws travelers throughout the year. Accommodations are located nearby with several bed and breakfasts. Traditional villages are close by the national park, where most of the lodging possibilities can be found. Travelers will find that accommodations are modest, but always comfortable, and some can support groups of twenty or more. Travel throughout the area is usually done by foot or by bicycle.


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Sightseeing Of Butrint

Travelers to the area will find that Butrint is easy to reach from within Albania. A flight into one of the major national and international airports, such as the Tirana International Airport Nene Tereza, will put you within easy reach of buses that will carry you to the Butrint area. There is also a ferry from Corfu in Greece that will deliver you close to the settlement. If you have the means, it is also possible to arrive to the Butrint area by a private yacht. Travel tips suggest that a visa is not necessary to enter the country of Albania, but a valid passport certainly is.