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Vlora, Albania is a port city with a population nearing 94,000 people. There is a great deal of history in the city, as it is where the Albanian Declaration of Independence was signed in 1912. The building where the Declaration was proclaimed is one of the top tourist sites in the city. At one point in ancient times, the city was a Greek colony by the name of Aulon, and it still retains much of the Greek culture and influence. As the second largest port in the country of Albania, Vlora enjoys a very healthy tourist trade. Visitors come to enjoy the scenery, as well as the shopping and the nightlife.


The climate in Vlora is typical of the Mediterranean weather. Cool, wet winters and hot summers can be expected, though checking the weather forecast is highly recommended before venturing out for activities. Visitors will find that the summer months are perfect for sunbathing and swimming, while those who wish to wander the streets and visit the attractions may find the city more comfortable during the spring and autumn months.


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Travel to the city is easy, with daily flights into two major airports located nearby. The closest international airport is Corfu International Airport in Greece. A ferry can be taken into the city upon landing. Visitors may also choose to fly into Tirana International Airport Nene Tereza. There is a bus system that will deliver travelers into the city of Vlora. Brindisi Airport in Italy is another airport located within driving distance of Vlora. Inside the city, there are plenty of taxis and municipal buses for travel across town. Many sights in Vlora City are within walking distance of the major hotels and accommodations. Travel tips also suggest renting bicycles for an easy and efficient way to travel throughout the city.