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Welcome to City of Vella

Vella serves as the capital of Andorra, which is a small principality located high in the Pyrenees Mountains. Situated between France and Spain, Andorra welcomes travelers from all over the world for the amazing skiing and resorts that are available. Though a thoroughly modern city, Vella has been around since the late Neolithic era. There are chances to see some of the ancient history of the area, but most travelers enjoy the cool steel structures, hotels, and shopping that the city has to offer.

There are quite a few historic buildings to visit, such as the Casa de la Vall, which was constructed in the year 1580. Eglesia de Sant Esteve is Vella's parish church, and has been a part of the city since the eleventh century. Barri Antic, one of the oldest sections of the city, provides visitors with several examples of historic architecture, with stone houses and cobbled streets. Several modern attractions are not to be missed, such as the Placa del Poble, or Town Square, which is located atop a government building and offers views of the city. The Caldea Spa Complex is a haven offering relaxation and high-fashion shopping opportunities. There is also a great deal of culture on offer, from fine art to every type of music one could hope for.


Features Rated by Vella Locals

Due to its location, reaching Vella, Andorra by air is not possible, though several of the wealthiest visitors do arrive by helicopter. The closest international airport is Carcassonne Airport, which is located 103 kilometers away in Carcassonne, France. The Perpignan-Rivesaltes Airport in Perpignan, France is 114 kilometers from Vella, and also receives international flights. Buses or cars are the only way to get into the city, unless travelers choose the helicopter options. Several charter services are available from the closest airports. The city itself has plenty of public transportation, and taxi services are also available.