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Welcome to City of Bregenzerwald

Bregenzerwald is a mountainous region located in the Austrian Alps. The views you can experience on a trip to Bregenzerwald are nothing short of amazing. The city is part of the Northern Limestone Alps and is a favorite tourist destination for skiers. The town is most well known for its wonderful ski resort, the Cheese Road, and the annual festivals held in the city. Tourism is the most profitable industry in Bregenzerwald.

Bregenzerwald, Austria is divided into two distinct regions: the Vorderwald and the Hinterwald areas. The Hinterwald is known for its impressive mountain peaks, and Vorderwald is characterized by rolling hills and smaller mountain ranges. Many people find the city a perfect place to explore nature and visit the Austrian Alps. The scenery is a picturesque contrast of rolling green hills and spruce trees with a series of majestic mountain peaks that seem to touch the sky lining the background. The peaceful setting found in this area will give you a chance to experience relaxation and quietude in an idyllic natural wonderland.


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Sightseeing Of Bregenzerwald

On the outskirts of the city, you will find quaint towns and hospitable villagers. This area is the perfect place to experience a holiday of peace and tranquility far from the cosmopolitan commotion found in an urban center. Experience recreational activities in the summer or winter situated in the great Alpine region of Austria. During the winter, cross country or Alpine skiers can enjoy the freshly fallen snow and the array of mountain slopes that Bregenzerwald has to offer. The ski resorts are excellent, and the food found on Cheese Road (KaeStrasse) will delight your senses as you experience the rich cheese culture found in this scenic town.

Bregenzelwald, Austria can show you the beauty of unspoiled nature and give you a glimpse into the world of Austrian culture and history. This quaint city is decorated with lavish greenery and magnificent mountain ranges that lend access to the Austrian Alps and an array of skiing and hiking expeditions. Experience the culinary masterpieces developed from the delightful cheese industry on Cheese Road and then make your way to the Heimat Museum and the Pfarrkirche to perfect your day.

A peaceful atmosphere and a captivating ambiance will envelop you as you explore this magnificent city. Nature enthusiasts will find their ideal haven nestled below the Alpine mountain ranges among the dense vegetation and the flowing streams. For info on hotels and other travel accommodations, Bregenzerwald has a myriad of resources including video travel guides, brochures, and books that will help you plan your ideal getaway.