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Visit Graz, Austria for Architectural Wonders and Culinary Delights

In Austria, there are many cities worthy of exploration, and one of the largest and most prominent cities is Graz. Graz is home to six universities, and the students have a profound influence on the energy and liveliness of the city. The “Old Town” is a well-preserved historical district with many museums, landmarks, and activities to survey. You will discover a whole new world if you spend a few days in Graz. You can begin your Graz travel experience by visiting the Mur River and then enjoy the sweeping vistas of the heavily forested region.

The Old Town in Graz is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site characterized by a balanced blend of buildings dating back to different eras. The architectural styles in the old city are varied, but the city is harmonious and inviting. Many influences from different countries have shaped the architecture and culture found in the city of Graz. Travel destinations in this area are immense with hotels situated throughout the city. You can travel to Graz by air and then use trains to move about the city. A flight from London to Graz is the most widely used entrance into the city for foreign tourists.


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In addition to the magnificent sights that you can see in the Old Town, you can also explore the City Hall (Rathaus), the Castle Mountain, the Clocktower, and a Museum of Art. You can spend an evening at the Graz opera to gain an operatic and theatrical experience during your visit to Graz. Travel is a pleasure in this city, and you can experience a number of interesting and unique landmarks as well as explore the great outdoors. A video travel guide can help you decide which of the landmarks are most interesting to you. Many people are attracted to the museums and the architecture found in Graz, but there are so many more locations that are great for travelers to learn and explore.

In Austria, Graz is a city rich with architecture and history. The famous buildings are complimented by the beautiful scenery and majestic views of the forest. To find more information on travel destinations in Graz, you can decide between the many magnificent churches, residences, landmarks, and museums to fill your agenda, and you can find a number of excellent restaurants to choose from since Graz was designated the “City of Culinary Delight” in 2008.