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Visit Linz to Experience the Contemporary Epicenter of Austria

Linz is the third most populous area found in Austria, and it is a common destination for tourists in the area. Many people will find a contrast between Linz and the other historical cities found in Austria, but there is a more realistic quality to this town than any other. The history is evident as you explore this city, but you will also experience an exciting youth culture and a developing metropolitan area. This city is contemporary and up-to-date with the flourishing technological industry. They have paved the way for modern art exhibits and offer venues that will give you a much different outlook on Austrian culture and heritage.

The cozy cafes and trendy bars compliment the contemporary culture and modernist feel of the area and shops located throughout the city streets. A few restaurants to take notice of include the fine Asian cuisine and the Zen designs of the Niu and the excellent cultural food found in the courtyard of the Alte Welt. After you taste the fine cuisines and relax in the pubs and cafes in the area, take a stroll down Domgasse and marvel at the Alter Dom, a 17 th century church with a fantastic marble altar and rich architectural designs. Next, you can visit the Arkade mall for specialty shops and fashionable boutiques


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A few of the most notable modern arts venues to explore are the Ars Electronica Center and the Lentos Art Museum. The Lentos Art Museum presents exhibits of contemporary art from the 20 th century, and it is a fantastic way to experience the youthful, modern influence of the city. The Ars Electronica Center is a multi-faceted museum housing some of the most advanced technology based pieces of art in existence. For another taste of the fine arts in Linz, travel to the Brucknerhaus and experience the thrilling atmosphere of Austria's most important concert hall. Modern art, technology, and music are the cornerstone of this city, and it will provide you with a new perspective on Austria.

Flights to Linz are generally expensive if purchased in advance, and tourists can find exciting deals and tips for travel from the remarkable video travel guides that can show you the best destinations to visit in the city. Whether you want to observe the hip modern culture or experience a new wave of Asian cuisine and customary Austrian dishes, Linz is the area that can provide you with energy, vibrancy, culture, and novel experiences .