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Experience the Timeless Beauty of Salzburg in Austria

When you begin planning a trip to Austria, then a visit to Salzburg should definitely make the cut. The gorgeous city is nestled beneath the Austrian Alps giving the city exceptional views and scenery. If you are visiting the Alps, then staying in Salzburg will give you a flavor for the full heritage and history found in the country of Austria. Salzburg is known for its historic city center marked by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The city features beautiful landscapes, interesting white buildings, and Baroque architecture.


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Sightseeing Of Salzburg

In the old town, you can visit the Salzburg Cathedral, the Hohensalzburg Castle, St. Peter's Abbey, Residenz Palace, Mozart's Birthplaces, the University Church, and the Getreidegasse. The Hohensalzburg Castle is one of the largest and most prestigious medieval castles in all of Europe. Outside of the Old Town, you can visit a number of beautiful venues like the Mirabell Palace, one of the most popular attractions in the city. The Palace architecture favors the Baroque style, and the grounds are complete with geometrically landscaped gardens. In addition to the imperial castles and palaces, a day can be spent at the Salzburg Zoo observing the unique, exotic animals and wildlife or visiting the many museums in the city.

After you have visited the landmarks in the historic city centre, you can travel to the closest Alpine peak, Untersberg, less than a few kilometers from the center of the city. The geographical layout of the city presents a contrast between rolling hills and majestic mountain peaks. The view of the city at nighttime is truly enchanting, and many people enjoy taking long walks around the city to visit some of the historical museums and the beautifully landscaped city parks and gardens.

Salzburg is the birthplace and hometown or many influential composers, artists, teachers, and authors. The most notable is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and during Salzburg travel, you can visit his home and birthplace. Other famous people who were born or lived in the area include Johann Michael Haydn, Christian Doppler, and Josef More among others. The city of Salzburg also hosts a number of annual events, so it is best to speak with a travel advisor before you leave so you travel to Salzburg.

Flights are the most common way to travel from Munich to Salzburg, and there are a number of different ways that you can move about the city once you are there including public transportation. A video travel guide can help you map out your destinations and show you where to find the best pensions in Salzburg.