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Found along the border of Poland, Brest was first part of Lithuania before becoming part of Belarus. This historic area has been mentioned in historic literature as far back as 1019, making it one of the oldest Belarus cities. Brest travel includes rail access to Berlin, Moscow, and many other prominent areas. Tourism in area most likely will include trips to various historic landmarks, because of the lengthy history of the area, and visits to the many other attractions found in Brest.

While visiting Brest, you can tour many exciting areas. You can venture to the nearby cities of Minsk and Warsaw, both of which are accessible by train many times a day. Brest travel often includes a trip to the picturesque Naberezhnaya, or Riverfront. A day at the Naberezhnaya will include relaxing strolls and views of the scenery of the city. The Fortress of Brest is another of the city's landmarks. It includes the preserved ruins of a Roman Fortress, which dates back many centuries.


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Sightseeing Of Brest

Any Brest travel guide will suggest you visit the Brest City Park during the warmer months. This large outdoor area is the perfect setting for a summer afternoon in Brest. You can also find info about the Outdoor Railway Museum, which is a popular and interesting attraction in the city. Brest, Belarus travel also includes access to many shops, restaurants, and nearby areas.

When you include Brest, Belarus in your travel plans, you will find a multitude of activities to enjoy. With rail access to prominent cities and a variety of landmarks within Brest, it is an interesting and scenic area. Hotels are scattered throughout the city, offering easy access to the most popular areas of Brest. When you include this historic area in your travels, you will certainly find many things to take pleasure in.