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Found on the southeastern corner of the map of Belarus, Gomel is the 2 nd largest city in the country. Also known as Homiel or Homel, Gomel offers an abundance of amenities that make travel to the area idyllic. Found near the Ukraine not far from the notorious Chernobyl nuclear plant, Gomel dates back to around the 12 th Century. Gomel, Belarus travel gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy a booming city with endless cultural attractions.


The culture of Gomel is rich and can be appreciated through various points of interest. The Gomel Regional Belarusian Drama Theatre is one of the city's well-known cultural attractions and is often included in trips to the area. There are several other theatres in Gomel, including the Puppet Theatre and Youth Theatre, which will appeal to all ages. While in Gomel, you can also visit an Art Gallery, the Gomel State Circus, and one of the many educational institutions in the city.


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Sightseeing Of Gomel

Gomel is a highly regarded Belarus educational center. The city includes several prominent schools, such as the Francysk Skaryna Homiel State University and Homiel State Medical University. Gomel travel also includes access to various options for hotel rooms, so you can easily find the accommodations that best suit your needs. Travel guide suggestions for the area often include info about travel to various nearby areas, which are easily accessible by car.

Gomel, Belarus travel can include a trip to Minsk, Kiev, or Moscow if you want to visit some other prominent areas. When you travel to the area, you will enjoy views of the Sozh River along with the multitude of attractions found in the city. This popular Belarus locale includes a diverse and lengthy history, as well as many prominent Universities. With so many things in and around Gomel, it is a popular travel destination for tourists from around the globe.