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Delve into the Remnants of the Soviet Union in Belarus by Traveling to Minsk

The largest and most influential city in Belarus is Minsk. This city is the capital of the country, and it was nearly decimated during World War II. This area has been remarkably rebuilt, and it is mostly built with Soviet style houses and buildings. Minsk is a truly different culture from those commonly found in Western Europe and North America. Interestingly, Minsk has a number of interesting places to dine with sushi bars and trendy restaurants lining the streets. The flair of the city is distinctly Communist with the influence of the Soviets being in line with nearly every aspect of the architecture in Minsk.

When you travel to Minsk, there are a number of interesting attractions to explore, like the Former Residence of Lee Harvey Oswald, churches, the Belarus National Museum of History and Culture, as well as the Palats Mastatsva. For more Belarus art, visit the Mastatsky Salon for various exhibitions and souvenirs. In the city of Minsk, you will also be able to take a dip in one of the beaches or visit one of the renowned ski resorts.


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Sightseeing Of Minsk

A Minsk photo cannot do the city justice. You will just have to visit the city to see the chic Soviet culture in action. A travel guide is an excellent resource when you are planning a trip to Minsk because it will allow you to get information on the many attractions available so that you can choose the best place to explore while on holiday in Minsk. Travel accommodations in this area are quite good, and you will have a selection of fine hotels and restaurants to choose from when booking your stay. Unsurprisingly, Minsk will give you the distinct impression that you have stepped into the former Soviet Union, but with a uniquely contemporary edge that makes it a truly captivating city to explore.