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Bouillon is a smaller municipality in the Walloon Region of Belgium. Situated in the Luxembourg Province, the city is home to nearly 5,500 residents. Bouillon has been in existence since the Middle Ages, beginning in the tenth century. Visitors to the region will enjoy the structures that still stand from that time, as well as the beautiful nature that surrounds them. Bouillon is a very picturesque town that brings to mind the feudal times, settled on the banks of the Semois River. A step into the city seems to be a step back in time.

The city itself has certainly grown with the times. It is fully modern, with schools, churches, banks, restaurants and shopping. Visitors to the area will find plenty of hotel accommodations, as well as a town square where several festivals are held. The most popular attraction in the town is Bouillon Castle, which sits above the town center, surrounded by forest. There are also several campsites in the area for those that prefer to make the most of the outdoors.



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Sightseeing Of Bouillon

Getting to Bouillon is not as easy as some of the larger cities, but the trip is certainly worth it. The closest airport, Luxembourg-Findel Airport, is located eighty-four kilometers away. The Brussels South Charleroi Airport is also within ninety kilometers, and makes an excellent option. Both airports welcome daily flights from hundreds of cities around the world. Once in Belgium, travelers can make use of the ample public transportation. Buses and a rail system can get tourists to the vicinity of Bouillon, and separate bus systems are available in the city. Most visitors prefer to walk or bicycle while in the city so as to better see the places of interest. Taxi services are also available in the town for journeys that are outside of walking distance.