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Brugge, Belgium, sometimes known as Bruges, is the largest city in the province of West Flanders in Belgium and serves as the capital of that province. As with several other European cities, such as Amsterdam and Venice, Brugge is a canal-based city, and it is home to nearly 120,000 people. The architecture of the city is quite beautiful and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Though many of the structures date back to the twelfth century, guests will find plenty of modern conveniences throughout the town and surrounding area.

Tourists who travel to the city of Brugge often have several sights on their list to see. Some of the most popular attractions in the area include the Basilica of the Holy Blood, Old St. John's Hospital, the Groeningemuseum, the Provincial Court, Saint Salvator's Cathedral, the Beguinage, and the Concertgebouw. It is also worth the time to see the city's preserved gateways, which include the Kruispoort, the Gentpoort, the Ezelpoort, and the Smedenpoort. In addition to breathtaking architecture, the city also offers up excellent cultural experiences, with museums, restaurants, and a thriving nightlife at every turn. There are also dozens of food, music, and sporting festivals every year.


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Travel to the city is quite easy, though many visitors may want to read tips before making the journey. There are five international airports in Belgium, including Zaventem Airport Brussels, Deurne Airport Antwerp, Ostend Airport, Brussels South Charleroi Airport, and Liege Airport. From these airports, there are trains and buses that travel to Brugge on a regular basis, and Brugge to Brussels is a very easy journey. Once inside the city, travel is quite easy. There is a robust public transportation system that includes travel by train or bus. For something a bit different, travelers can experience traveling by boat through the canals. The city is also beautiful to see by bicycle.