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Brussels Travel Advice

Top Attractions in Brussels

The city of Brussels serves as the capital of Belgium and is also the largest city in the country. The entire metropolitan area encompasses several smaller towns, including Haren, Laeken, and Bois de la Camre, to name a few. The City of Brussels is home to nearly 150,000 residents, with even more occupying the outer lying areas. It is a city of rich history and heritage, with some of the most beautiful architecture found in Europe. In addition to hundreds of historic structures, the city is also quite modern. Accommodations and restaurants offer the latest in conveniences and styles.

Travelers to the area will thrill to some of the local sights, including the Grand Place, which offers seventeenth century architecture with a bit of modern nightlife. Tourists should also be sure to visit the Town Hall, which features Gothic design, and the Royal Palace, open every day for public visits. A trip would not be complete without seeing the Coudenberg, an archaeological site that features the remains of a palace from the Middle Ages. In addition to several historic sights, the city also offers much in the way of culture. Visitors will find museums, galleries, theaters, and an excellent symphony orchestra. Dining and shopping are also quite plentiful.

When many people plan a European vacation, they do not necessarily think of Brussels, but this capital of Belgium is certainly worth the visit. You will find a wide variety of things to see and do, including historic buildings, medieval architecture, flower markets, museums and much more. You will even find unique dining establishments and a busy nightlife. If you plan a visit to Brussels, be sure to stop by the sites listed below. You will be glad that you did.



If you are interested in history and government, then you will definitely want to visit the Parlamentarium. This seat of European Parliament will allows you to enjoy European government in a unique form. The visitors’ area is completely free and guides are available in 23 different languages. You will find out a great deal about the European Union and you will find that Parlamentarium is a great stop for adults and kids as well. The museum section is quite highly technological, so you will be able to enjoy such things as a 360 degree video about parliament and the European Union.


Museum Des Sciences Naturelles

Another great location to take the kids, the Museum Des Sciences Naturelles holds a wide variety of artifacts, including original dinosaur bones. The thirty Iguanodon complete fossils are certainly worth the view. Adults will enjoy the museum as well since it offers intricately and beautifully designed displays and geological section, which is quite fascinating. If you wish to take the full tour of the Museum Des Sciences Naturelles, be sure to set aside about 6 hours of your day. It is a large museum and will take time to enjoy.



Grand-Place is a unique Medieval Square located right in the middle of Brussels. It is surrounded by buildings that date back to the 17 th century houses and other structures that you will enjoy. You will find a variety of cafes and restaurants that will give you a chance to enjoy local flavor in its finest. Flower stands, which Brussels is known for, dot the square and you will find yourself being drawn to the fragrant and beautiful floral bouquets. Be sure to visit Grand-Place during the morning hours when it will be at its quietest.


Horta Museum

Do not be quite fooled by the name of the Horta Museum. It is a private home that was built in the 19 th century and it allows you a chance to view some of the most well known Art Nouveau. Horta was a well known architect in the area, and he created his masterpiece in his own home. You will not see many exhibits throughout the museum since the house itself is the exhibit. The architecture is unrivaled and certainly worth viewing. It will take about an hour to tour the whole house, and the lines can be a bit long. The wait is worth it though once you get inside the house.


Pierre Marcolini

Are you ready to enjoy the world famous chocolates of Belgium? All that you have to do is stop by Pierre Marcolini. Here, you will have access to a wide variety of gourmet chocolates that cannot be rivaled by anything else in the world. Many people choose this chocolate shop as their first stop when they visit the city and numerous people always walk away wishing they had purchased more chocolates before they left. Chocolate like this cannot be found in the states, so be sure to at least try the sweets before you leave.

Do not overlook Brussels when you plan your next vacation. This city has plenty to offer. The above five attractions are just the beginning of the things you can see and do in the city.

Features Rated by Brussels Locals

Arriving to Brussels is easy, with flights arriving daily to the Brussels National Airport. The city also offers a very robust rail system, with arrivals daily from several European cities. Once in Brussels, travelers can easily navigate the city with public train and bus services. Travel tips suggest renting bicycles for the plentiful bike routes throughout town. The city is quite easy to see by walking, but sometimes a taxi or public transportation is needed to visit locations outside of walking distance. It is even easy to take trips outside, as Paris to Brussels is a very short trip.


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