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Located in the province of Flemish Brabant, the city of Leuven serves as the capital of the province. The city and province are located in the Flemish Region of Belgium, nearly thirty kilometers from Brussels. The city encompasses other smaller towns, but it doesn't reach its full population unless school is in session. With several universities, the city relies on its student population to thrive. The city has been in existence since the ninth century, which means that there is a rich history to the city and surrounding area. The phenomenal architecture still stands, interspersed with many modern buildings.

Travelers to the city of Leuven are encouraged to visit several of the historic places of interest, including Saint Anthony's Chapel, the Church of Saint Michael, the Church of Saint Quinten, the University Library, St. Peter's church, the Town Hall, and a ducal castle that dates from the twelfth century. In addition to the historic sites, the city is also home to a host of cultural events. The Lemmens Institute is one of the finest conservatories in Belgium, providing music therapy and dram educations. There are also many fine museums, theaters, and musical events to visit, including the Arenberg Orchestra. The city is also quite fond of sporting events, especially football.


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To get to Leuven, Belgium, the easiest flight is into Brussels Airport, which is located about fifteen kilometers from Leuven. The Antwerp International Airport is also located nearby, and the distance can be easily traveled into the city. There is a robust public transportation system, with buses and trains servicing the city from all airports in the area. The city also has an excellent bus and rail system for travel throughout town. Many travelers like to rent bicycles to see the city at a leisurely pace, and most of the city is easy to see on foot, as well.