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Welcome to City of Marollen

Marollen is one of the oldest districts located in Brussels, Belgium. Travelers can find this gem near the Palace of Justice and the Brussels-South train station. There are several major streets that comprise the Marollen area, including the Rue Blaesstraat and the Rue des Tanneurs. There are also some notable pieces of architectures, such as the Eglise de la Chapelle and the Place du Jeu de balle. The entire area is full of a rich history, though sometimes ugly. That history has led the area to become one of the most visited districts in the city of Brussels.

The less than illustrious beginning of Marollen includes the banishment of lepers into the area. The nuns of the Maria Colentes cared for the ill and the area eventually grew and began to prosper. For many years after the illness faded, the area of Marollen became a working class neighborhood. That history was changed when the Palace of Justice was built in 1883. Some of the neighborhood was demolished for the construction of the building, and many of the residents in the area were not happy with the turn of events.


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Sightseeing Of Marollen

To visit Marollen is quite easy. Travelers can arrive by flight to Brussels International Airport or one of several other major airports in the area. The whole region is well supported by a robust rail and bus system, so travel from the airport to the city is easy to manage. Once inside the city of Brussels, the area known as Marollen can be reached by bus, and the rail system has a nearby station. Many travelers to the city of Brussels reach Marollen by walking or riding bicycles. The neighborhood of Marollen and the surrounding area is best enjoyed on foot, so that all of the architecture and history can be enjoyed.