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Located in the region of Walloon in the Belgian province of Hainaut is the city of Mons, also known as Bergen to the Dutch and German. As with most large cities in Belgium, Mons comprises several smaller towns and communities of old, including Havre, Hyon, Obourg, Mesvin, Nouvelles, Saint-Denis, and Spiennes, to name a few. The city has been in existence since the Middle Ages, and many pieces of evidence from this time still remain. As the city grew, more architecture was added throughout the different eras, and the city is now rich with historic buildings from some very significant moments in history.

As one might imagine, the places of interest are plenty in Mons, Belgium. There are several attractions that many travel guides proclaim as the places to see, including the Grand Palace, City Hall, the collegiate church of Sainte-Waudru, and the Spanish House. Several eras of architecture are represented, including Gothic and baroque. There are also dozens of museums that showcase art by masters, and excellent musical centers. Culture is alive and well in Mons. Visitors are encouraged to plan trips around one of the numerous festivals that the city hosts, especially the Ducasse, which takes place on annually on Trinity Sunday.


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Sightseeing Of Mons

Travel to the city of Mons, Belgium is made easy with the proximity of several airports. Travelers can arrive by daily flights to Brussels South Charleroi Airport, located about thirty-seven kilometers from the city center. Lille Airport is another nearby airport that services travelers to the area. Once there, buses and trains carry travelers to the city with regular schedules. The city also has a reliable public transportation system for sightseeing inside the town, including buses and a rail system. Taxis are also plentiful for any trips that are too far for walking distance, and bicycling is another popular way to tour the city.