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Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Information and Destination Guide

Rolling hills and mountain peaks await you in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This country is located in the region of the Southern Alps leaving an expanse of uncharted territory perfect for a hiker or adventurer interested in naturally preserved forestlands and wildlife. With the beautiful landscapes of the Alps in the background, a scenic hike or a camping expedition would be truly enjoyable in Bosnia. Bosnia is ranked among the top countries to visit, and although it has undergone a lot of turmoil with wars and the destruction caused by the conflicts, the city has rebounded nicely recreating the buildings with a fresh architectural style unique to the country.

In addition to the unexplored natural mountain areas, the country offers a wonderful and exciting city life in Sarajevo, the capital. The city has always been religiously diverse, and they live in harmony together giving the city a very charming and appealing presence. A guide to Sarajevo will give you a list of monuments and landmarks to explore along with a brief history of the importance and significance of the site. You can visit many museums in Sarajevo like the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Museum of Sarajevo, and the Museum of Literature and Theater Arts. Many historical symbols have been destroyed in the ensuing chaos caused by the Bosnian War, but the rebuilding efforts show a spirited vitality throughout the city.


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Sightseeing Of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia is situated on the Balkan Peninsula and has a small coastline that borders the Adriatic Sea. So in addition to the mountainous Alpine region, a traveler can also enjoy a small beach area on the Adriatic Sea. Many other interesting cities exist in Bosnia including Banja Luka, Bihac, Mostar, and Zenica. Kozara is a national park located in Bosnia that is equipped for adventurers who wish to hike, fish, and hunt. The country also has several ski resorts.

Some tips for travel to Bosnia: U.S. citizens as well as members of the European Union, Canada, Australia and others do not need a visa to enter Bosnia. International flights at the Sarajevo airport allow an easy entrance into the country with other international airports located in Mostar, Tuzia, and Banja Luka. A guide to Bosnia and Herzegovina travel can be found in video format or in print publications to help you decide the best place to go on your vacation. Whether you want to go rafting, hiking, or sunbathing on the beach, Bosnia is the travel destination that is commonly forgotten and extremely undervalued.