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As the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka serves as the as the administrative capital of the Republika Srpska. The city is located in the northwest region of Bosnia and Herzegovina along the banks of the Vrbas River. With a history that spans several centuries, the city of Banja Luka offers plenty of architectural wonders for visitors to see. Many of the remaining structures hearken the Ottoman rule and other eras since.

There are several places of interest that visitors to Banja Luka may want to visit. For amazing architecture, it is advised to see the Orthodox Church of Christ Saviour, the Cathedral of Saint Bonaventure, the Monastery of Gomionica from the sixteenth century, the Ferhat-Pasha Mosque, the Kastel fortress from the Roman ages, and the Governor's Palace. Because of the city's rich history, there are several cultural sights and sites to see, including the Museum of Modern Art of Republika Srpska, the Ethnographic Museum, the cultural center of Banski Dvor, and the Museum of Bosanska Krajina. Banja Luka is also host to several festivals and events, especially during the summer months. These include the Banja Luka Choir Gathering, the International Short Film Festival Kratkofil, the Theater Fest, and a Jazz Festival.


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Sightseeing Of Banja-Luka

The Banja Luka International Airport makes arrival to the city exceptionally easy, as it welcomes hundreds of flights daily from all over the world. Once in the city, the public transportation system is run entirely by twenty different bus lines that reach every area of Banja Luka and the surrounding areas. Visitors will find that walking to many historic sites and attractions in Banja Luka is possible, though taxi services are widely available. The city is also quite beautiful when traveled by bicycle, and it is possible to rent them upon arrival in Banja Luka.