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The Herzegovina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina was once known as the Land of Hum. The region has been populated since before the Middle Ages, though it is now thoroughly modern. Herzegovina does not have official boundaries, but it is known to be the southern region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and there are unofficial boundaries that define the area. Herzegovina is comprised of several cities, as well as sweeping rural areas. The city of Mostar is the unofficial capital, with a population of over 100,000 residents. Because of the rich history of the region, there are several historic sights and sites to visit in Herzegovina.


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Sightseeing Of Herzegovina

Visitors to Herzegovina are encouraged to visit the Old Town, or Pocitelj, and the Old Bridge, which is located in Mostar. There is a cave system called Vjetrenica on the border of Herzegovina and Croatia that attracts several tourists each year. Others also enjoy visiting the Hutovo Blato bird reserve, which is considered one of the most important nature reserves in Europe. In addition to the most popular tourist attractions, there are museums, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and excellent shopping opportunities. The cities of the region often host festivals and celebrations that feature music, food, and arts.

The easiest way to get to the Herzegovina region is to fly into the Sarajevo International Airport. The train services in Bosnia and Herzegovina are also improving and may prove to be a unique way to see much of the country during travel. Traveling by car is also possible, though exiting the car while on the road is not advised. Generally, the bus system is the best way to travel between towns and while seeing sights in particular cities. Walking in the cities is an excellent way to ensure that every sight is given the full attention necessary, though bicycles are also a fun way to travel.