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Welcome to City of Medugorje

The town of Medugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina is located between two mountains near the border of Croatia. There are nearly 4,000 people that make up the population of the town, which is almost entirely Roman Catholic. The city of Medugorje has been in existence since before the Middle Ages, and there are still structures that survive to this day. Visitors to the area will also find plenty of architectural examples of other eras of history, with specific emphasis on Roman. Though many structures were damaged during the wars, there has been loving restoration of many throughout recent years.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Medugorje are religious in nature, with St. James Church being the first and Apparition Hill as the second. Apparition Hill has been a site of great importance since 1981, when six teenagers claimed that the Virgin Mary appeared to them. Visitors have since flocked to the area from all over the world to see visions for themselves. Nature is another popular attraction, with thousands of people visiting to hike the mountains that surround Medugorje or to visit the Kravice Waterfall for hiking, fishing, and swimming activities.


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Sightseeing Of Medugorje

Travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina is quite easy, since the country is central to many travel hubs. The closest airports to the city of Medugorje are the Dubrovnik Airport or the Sarajevo International Airport. Buses and coach rentals are available to transfer passengers from the airport into the city, and a robust public transportation system is available for travel within Medugorje. Travelers will find that there are many places of interest within walking distance from the many hotels in the city, and taxi services are available for travel of greater distances. Many will also find that seeing the city by bicycle is quite beautiful, and allows for viewing more attractions than travel by car or bus.