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Bulgaria is a frequently traveled to destination in Southeast Europe and is the 16 th largest country in Europe. The national motto of the country is “Unity Makes Strength.” The country has approximately 8.9 million visitors every year according to the World Tourism Organization. Most visitors to the country come from other European countries, but the amount of visitors from other parts of the world continues to steadily increase. History has defined the architecture and building structure of the countries giving some an imperial look and feel. The country offers tours that will expand on the cultural and historical presence over the centuries.

The most popular city to visit in Bulgaria is the capital, Sofia. A guide can help you navigate the area and find all of the most vital landmarks to stop and experience the rich cultural atmosphere of the city. The unique architecture interspersed throughout the city makes it a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Sofia houses many stunning churches and museums to interest the enthusiastic traveler. There are many other attractions including Sofia University and the Ivan Vazov National Theater to offer a more comprehensive look at the Bulgarian society. If you want to visit an inviting seascape, the Black Sea covers the entire East Coast.

Advice and tips can be found in travel guides for Bulgaria. These can be viewed in print or on video. Some information to keep in mind while planning your trip is that the Bulgarians use the Lev, and you should find out specific details on the currency exchange rate before you leave as they constantly fluctuate. Bulgarian is the primary language spoken, so it may also be advisable to become familiar with at least a few key phrases that you will use when in Bulgaria.

Among the most popular attraction for visitors in Bulgaria are the cafes, bars, galleries, historical sites, and cultural icons. The country offers a beautiful scenic atmosphere and an ideal getaway. Bulgaria tourism is currently expanding with different accommodations to meet the needs of travelers. Visitors can explore the National Gallery of Foreign Art and then experience the Spirit of Burgas European Music Festival or leisurely relax by a beach and then find a cozy bar to settle in and enjoy the night hours. This country has a lot of different options to see and explore, so find a good travel guide to assist you in determining the best time and place to visit Bulgaria.


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