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Found in southwest Bulgaria just outside the capital city of Sofia, Bansko is primarily known for skiing. Its location along the Pirin Mountains provides the perfects setting for beautiful ski resorts, which draw in many visitors each year. Archaeological evidence dates the area to around 100 BC, but the town of Bansko wasn't officially founded until the mid-19 th Century. Along with its winter tourism, the Bansko travel is also popular in the summer because of its outdoor recreation and various landmarks.

While visiting Bansko, you can easily get around the small town on foot or you may opt for a local taxi. Buses run to many nearby areas, which are convenient for daytrips during your stay. The village of Banya, which is just 3 miles away, is a relaxing place to visit and is known for its hot springs. While in Bansko, you can enjoy the large ski area on Todorka, which includes easy access on a minibus and a variety of enjoyable and picturesque areas.


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Belitsa Bear Park is one of the area's most beautiful outdoor areas. This is the Four Paws Bear Sanctuary and it serves as the home of bears that were once held in captivity. This large park is a wonderful place to enjoy some walking paths and see the natural beauty of the nearby area. Bansko, Bulgaria travel includes the ability to view outdoor settings as well as near by metropolitan areas.

Bansko also includes a variety of eateries, bars, and shops, which can easily fill up your days. With numerous comfortable lodging options with great views, Bansko is a place that everyone in the family will enjoy. If you're in search of a tranquil getaway from the hustle and bustle, you will find it when you visit Bansko, Bulgaria. With skiing, summer fun, and many other opportunities, Bansko has much to offer.