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Welcome to City of Plovdiv

As the second largest Bulgarian city, Plovdiv is a popular destination. Plovdiv, Bulgaria travel allows you to enjoy the many landmarks of one of the oldest cities in all of Europe. Found in the south central part of the country, Plovdiv is located near many other prominent cities and offers easy access by train or bus to a variety of other locales. Nestled along the Maritsa River, Plovdiv offers a picturesque setting with endless historic landmarks.

Its close proximity to capital city of Sofia makes it easy to venture out to other busy areas during your stay. You can travel to Sofia by train or bus, as well as many other areas. While in Plovdiv, you will be able to get around on buses, taxis, or on foot. The many landmarks and attractions in Plovdiv are easily accessible and found near many hotels. When Plovdiv travel is in your plan, you will find a multitude of things to enjoy.


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Sightseeing Of Plovdiv

The landmarks in Plovdiv are numerous. Any travel guide for the area will include info on dozens of points of interest. Most visitors take the time to tour the Roman Amphitheater, which remained buried until the 1970s when it was uncovered during construction in the area. Some other landmarks in Plovdiv include St. Marina Church, an Ottoman Empire Mosque, and the Bachkovo Monastery, which is still in use today.

Plovdiv is also home to a variety of areas within the city, which are walkable and enjoyable destinations. The Old Town area is filled with art, culture, and interesting areas. You can also tour the city center, which includes a lot of exciting areas that are frequented by locals and tourists. Plovdiv includes numerous opportunities for touring historic landmarks, participating in fun activities, and enjoying the view from one of the many hills surrounding the city.