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Croatia's tourism industry is expanding generously in the 21 st century. In 2005, Croatia had approximately 10 million visitors and in 2008, the number had risen to 11.6 million. The tremendous increase stems from more people becoming aware of the vast number of attractions and destinations that Croatia contains. Tourism accounts for 20% of the GDP. Many people are attracted to the coastline rich with Renaissance influence and the Mediterranean environment that is both beautiful and exotic. Croatia travel can involve visiting a number of different cities or a relaxing beach vacation on the Adriatic Sea. The country is full of castles and national parks that add a charming appeal to the country's landscapes.


The capital of Croatia is Zagreb, and it is a dazzling collection of cathedrals, churches and an Archbishop's palace lining the main square of the city. Walking through the city is the best way to travel through Zagreb because you will see a painting of the Virgin Mary and the Stone Gate nearby the main square. While you're walking, you can stop intermittently to visit a museum or an art gallery. Shopping is located in the lower part of the town where you will find marketplaces and stores full of clothing and other items you may need. In Zagreb, there is a National Theater that will allow you to experience some cultural music and entertainment. A Zagreb guide to travel will help you determine all of the attractions you want to visit on your trip, and it will help you find deals on accommodations and food.

A Croatia travel guide will give you more detailed information on flights, hotels, restaurants, shopping, and other accommodations. You can find a video travel guide or purchase a book.. A travel book on Croatia can give you a list of key words and phrases to remember when you are traveling in case you need to speak with a local for directions or advice on restaurants and sightseeing locales.


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Another destination to consider is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, and this park truly has a spectacular view with green vegetation surrounding deep blue pools of water. Some other places to consider are the Mljet Island, the Old Town of Koclua, Zlatni Rat Beach in Brac, and the Historic Dakovo Cathedral.


Some tips to think about when traveling to Croatia is that the Croatian currency is the Kuna, and you will want to find out the exact exchange rates before traveling so that you know how much money you need to have on hand. In addition, Croatian is the main language spoken so it may be good to become familiar with common words and phrases you will use during your trip.


Croatia travel offers more opportunities than ever with the beautiful landscapes and striking architectural designs. If you need to find a travel guide in video form to show you a more comprehensive look at the layout of the country, then these are available for viewing. Reviews of Croatia have unearthed a delightful choice for a European vacation.

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Many Croatians speak English as their second language, but German and Italian are very popular too (largely because of the large annual influx of German and Italian tourists). People in the tourist industry most often speak English quite well, as do the younger generation, especially in the tourist areas of Istria, along the coast down to Dubrovnik, and in the capital, Zagreb. Elder people will rarely speak English, but you shouldn't have any problems if you switch to German or Italian