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The Island of Korcula for an Ideal Beach Getaway in Croatia

The Island of Korcula is located on the Dalmatian archipelago with coves, rolling hills, and a distinctive old town surrounded by walls. The island is not only endowed with beaches and seashores but also mountain ranges and dense greenery. Korcula has the second largest population of the Adriatic Islands and is home to a blossoming tourist industry equipped with all the luxuries and accommodations needed for an exhilarating getaway on the coast.

To get to the island, many people find that a quick trip from Korcula to Dubrovnik by ferry is best. Once you arrive in this beautiful island off of the coast of Croatia, you will find a remarkable array of activities and landmarks to fill your itinerary. The area has a rich history influenced by legends and cultural traditions. The islands founding has a rather clandestine history as the Trojan warrior and hero Antenor discovered it. The history of this island dates back to the 14 th century BC, and the first settlers were of Mesolithic and Neolithic descent. Learning the history of this developing region will help you become more acquainted with the fantastic culture of the city.



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Sightseeing Of Korcula

While you are in the city, you can relax on one of the most glorious beaches in all of Croatia and enjoy swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and body boarding. Although the beaches are known for their radiant beauty, you may want to take note that the terrain is rocky so you will need to purchase adequate footwear. If you want to explore the island more fully, you can also rent a bicycle to travel around the island.

A day trip to the city of Orebic can allow you to visit other charming beaches and experience stunning views of the coast and the island from afar. If you want to immerse yourself further in the culture of Korcula, then you can learn a traditional sword dance preformed by many locals called Moreska. Holidays are a real pleasure in Korcula because you can visit landmarks like the Abbey Treasury of St. Mark, the Marco Polo Tower, and the Arneri Palace. For more information on this travel destination, you can watch a travel video or find books and brochures that can help you decide which places in the town you want to visit