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Visit Porec for an Ideal Beach Getaway

Porec is a sunbather's dream locale that offers Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, and lush foliage to create a charming atmosphere for any holiday traveler. Croatia is a beautiful country that is becoming more of a tourist destination for travelers all over the globe because of its untouched natural beauty and the ideal accommodations offered to travelers. Porec is one of the most delightful areas in Croatia to visit because of its captivating history and culture in addition to the lush scenery and teeming wildlife found in the city.

If you are looking to experience pebbled beaches and sun-drenched waters, Porec will give you all of this and much more. The history of the city dates back to Roman times, and as with much of Croatia, the Roman influence is heavily seen throughout the city buildings, structures, and architecture. UNESCO labeled The Basilica of St. Euphrasius a World Heritage Site because of its amazingly preserved facade and its historical importance to the city. You can view Roman temples, squares, and monuments erected and preserved in near flawless condition.


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Sightseeing Porec

In addition to experiencing a new chapter of Croatian culture and history, the city is also ideal for tourists hoping to find peace and tranquility by one of the many exquisite beaches. Relax on the lovely pebbled beaches, the concrete terraces for bathing, or stay at one of the many popular area resorts. You can take a ferry from Venice to Porec for easy access to the city, and as it is so close to Italy, you can take day trips to Italy or into mainland Croatia. Accommodations for a naturist are renowned in this area because of its unspoiled natural splendor and the idyllic towns surrounded by incredible rolling hills found in the inland portion of the peninsula.

If you want to find accommodations for your trip, you can consult a video travel guide or a travel agency to help you plan the most ideal getaway. You may want to plan to spend most of your time near the clear blue water or exploring the magnificent city. The harbor will allow you to charter a boat for a day so that you can get out onto the sea and perhaps even visit some of the surrounding islands. The architectural style of this city is something that you will always remember as you make your way to an exotic paradise on the sea.