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A Breathtaking Harbor and a Lively Culture in Split

Split in the southernmost region of Croatia is a city with a lot to offer the avid traveler or adventurer. Visit the harbor overlooking the majestic blue sea or visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For a day on the coast resting under the sunlight or a night of sailing, Split's sea and shores will provide you with the opportunity to experience all of seaside activities you can imagine. After you have exhausted your time on the beach in Split, travel to the historic museums and architectural buildings located throughout the city.



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Sightseeing Of Split

Some of the most notable sightseeing opportunities in Split include the Diocletian Palace (World Heritage Site), St. Duje's Cathedral, the Archaeological Museum, the Cathedral of St. Dominus, and the Croatian National Theatre. The Diocletian Palace is the most traveled to landmark in Split because of its historical Roman influence that allow you to explore Roman ruins and observe Gothic and Renaissance style architecture. Roman architecture, mausoleums, buildings, and temples are located throughout the city. There are a variety of different options to choose from when planning your trip to Split, but you should make sure to examine some of the uniquely Roman styles found in Split.

After you explore the historical structures in the city, you may want to get back to the beach or enjoy the beautiful harbor on the coast. Bacvica is perhaps the most popular beach in Split, but it is also packed with visitors playing Picigin and dining in the charming beachside cafes. If you want to find a more secluded area to spend your time, then there are a number of ideal locales on the North side of the city. Other activities to enjoy in Split include climbing the campanile bell tower, taking a tour of the famous Diocletian Palace, and exploring the Green market for a real flavor of Split culture.

Tourism is a blossoming industry in the city, and many of the areas are well suited to accommodate travelers. Accommodations for hotels are excellent in Split, and you can find a lot of information on the restaurants and shopping venues available in this city with a video travel guide. Whether you want to spend your trip taking in the beautiful scenery of the picturesque bay or learning about the distinct Split culture, you can find a lot of activities and landmarks to make your trip to Southern Croatia worthwhile.