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Zagreb Travel Advice

A Delightful Travel Destination – Zagreb, Croatia

One of the most important cities in Croatia, Zagreb is a very popular travel destination for its magnificent ancient architecture and cobbled streets. The historical presence of the city is most notably seen in the medieval area, and the atmosphere is reminiscent of Vienna. Zagreb tourism has been expanding immensely with over half a million visitors exploring the depths of the city in the year 2005. Most of the travelers to Zagreb are from other European countries like Italy, Germany, or Austria.

Zagreb combines the beauty of eastern and Western Europe and defines a new economic and cultural sphere for the country with its exceptional growth and vibrant attractions. While the city is imbued with an old world charm, it is also exciting and vibrant with a dynamic nightlife. The city centre always seems to be alive with the contemporary presence of the restaurants, boutiques, cafes, and pubs. The elegance and natural beauty of the city weave to form an area that is truly mesmerizing with a host of beautiful buildings, cascading greenery, lovely parks, and charming cafes.


Top 10 Attractions in Zagreb

The residents of Zagreb have a healthy appreciation for the natural wonders that surround them, and since the city is less than three hours from the nearest beach, most people can be found enjoying the outdoors. Zagreb does have a fairly mild climate, but even in the winter, people can be seen relaxing in one of the many beautiful parks and recreational areas that can be found throughout the city. The most famous park is the Maksimir Park. The city zoo is located near the park, and it houses some interesting, exotic creatures. When visiting the upper and lower towns, it s important to take note that these two towns are the central point where most of the attractions in the city can be found.

The charming lakes found in Zagreb are also a popularly traveled area in the city because they often are the site of festivals, shows, and parties. Some of the most common festivals held at Bundek Lake are fireworks and musical festivals. You may also be able to experience a concert or a horticultural presentation. Zagreb restaurants offer a wide variety of options for the connoisseur or the casual diner. Hotels in Zagreb have varied accommodations based on price and location in the city, and there are a wide variety of options to choose from. This city boasts some of the most vibrant culture and exciting nightlife opportunities in the country, and it is a must see for any avid traveler.

Planning a visit to Croatia will most likely mean a visit to Zagreb. This historic city offers a combination of historic significance and modern business. Located between the Adriatic Sea and central Europe, Zagreb offers a unique look of local culture. What attractions should you visit in the city? There are plenty of options you could choose, but you will definitely want to visit the sites described below.


Croatian National Theater

The Croatian National Theater offers a unique mix of styles and shows that you will definitely want to visit. You will find that it offers operas, ballets, and concerts so you will easily be able to choose a show that you would be of interest to you. Even if you do not enjoy a show, a visit to the theater is a must. Located on the Marshall Tito Square, the Croatian National Theater includes historic baroque architecture that is worth seeing. Because of its central location, the theater is easy to reach on foot.


Upper Town

This area of Zagreb has a little something for everyone. The area includes plenty of shopping options, cafes and fine restaurants. You will easily be able to enjoy a day or night in Upper Town. If you visit during the summer, be sure to stay for the evening and you will be able to enjoy an open air theater in the middle of the district and the trees that line the streets are lit up with sparkly chandelier lights. Other things to see and do in Upper Town include museums, the astronomical observatory and several art galleries.


Mirogoj Cemetery

While the Mirogoj Cemetery is certainly a resting place for many people, it is also a work of art. You will find that it offers a breathtaking arched colonnade that you can enjoy as well as a variety of artwork exhibits. Many people enjoy quiet strolls through the area, especially during the summer months. The Mirogoj Cemetery is located just outside of the city, but it is accessible by a public tram so you will not have to walk if you wish to enjoy it during your visit to Zagreb.


St. Mark’s Church

Originally, St. Mark’s Church was built during the thirteenth century. However, it was destroyed in the 19 th century and later rebuilt. The architecture is still definitely worth visiting because it is completely preserved and in amazing condition. The church includes a number of art works by Croatian sculpture, Ivan Mestrovic. St. Mark’s Church is located on St. Mark’s Square, easily within walking distance of many other attractions of the city. You will be able to walk to it from any other site and whether you view the interior or not, the church is something that you will want to see.


Jarun Lake

If you would like to enjoy the great outdoors when you visit Zagreb, then you will want to take a moment to visit Jarun Lake. This area includes a number of recreational activities like biking and walking. There are plenty of picnic areas and small cafes where you will be able to enjoy a meal. At night, Jarun Lake turns into a hotspot for nightlife activity. You will find that there are plenty of things to see and do no matter the time you visit Jarun Lake and its surrounding area.

There are a great number of attractions in Zagreb, and you will definitely want to enjoy the sites mentioned above during your stay.