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Welcome to City of Brno

The second largest city in the Czech Republic, Brno is also known as the capital of Monravia. Brno is also the judicial capital of the country, which makes it a prominent locale for visitors and residents alike. Found in the southeastern region of the Czech Republic, Brno travel provides access to the scenic Svitava and Svratka Rivers along with numerous landmarks and attractions. Brno is divided into several districts and is easily accessible by many nearby cities, which make easy daytrips during your stay.

Brno, Czech-Republic travel allows visitors to venture to nearby cities by car, coach or train with ease. You can spend a day in Prague, Copenhagen, Vienna, and many other areas. While in Brno, you will be able to visit many of the city's most prominent areas on foot and you can also use the local transport system, which is convenient and affordable. During your stay, you will be able to view many historic buildings, some of which date back to the city's founding in the mid-13 th Century.


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Sightseeing Of Brno

You can get travel guide info about the most popular tourist destinations in Brno at the city's tourist information center. Most visitors tour Freedom Square, which is in the heart of Brno. Other areas of interest include Spilberk Castle, Petrov Cathedral, Old Town Hall, and the Monravian Museum. The Museum includes a numismatic exhibit hall, and a pavilion with many artifacts from the area's history.

Brno travel is also equipped with a variety of shopping, dining, entertainment, and cultural attractions. With so many things to see and do, Brno is an ideal travel spot for visitors from around the globe. While here, you can venture to quaint villages, exciting cities, and historic attractions throughout the region. Brno, Czech-Republic travel is an opportunity to enjoy the rich history of this important city.