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Prague Travel Advice

Things to Do in Prague

Known as the cultural and economic center of Europe, Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. Separated into multiple districts, Prague offers a rich history and a plethora of landmarks. With many bridges, cathedrals, museums, and scenic outlooks, Prague travel is a magical experience people worldwide enjoy. The history of Prague dates back to its role as the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and it also played a key role in many other significant events throughout history.

While in Prague, you can access numerous nearby areas by train or bus. Many visitors to the area enjoy daytrips to Berlin, Vienna, Berlin, and many other areas. While in Prague, you can easily get around on foot, which is easy in this very walkable city. The area also offers a shuttle, taxis, a tram, and a metro, all of which make it easy to get to many points of interest without spending a lot.

Prague is a unique city because it officially began in the 9 th century, but it has included a number of rebuilding and overhauls that have created a combination of architectural styles and historic monuments that will provide you with plenty of things to see and do. Below, you will find five popular things to do while you visit Prague. Be sure to enjoy these during your stay.


Old Town Square

In the old town area of Prague, you will find a fascinating glimpse of the city. Many of the structures, homes, restaurants and churches were built in the 13 th century, offering a historic significance. There are many things to see in the Old Town Square and you may find yourself spending hours enjoying it. While you are there, be sure to visit the Astronomical Clock, the Carolineum, the Municipal House, the Estates Theater and the Old Town Hall. In addition, you will find plenty of dining options to enjoy during your visit and many of them are housed in historic structures as well.


Castle District (Hradcany)

If you are expecting sweeping towers and moats, then you may be surprised at what you find when you visit the castle district of Prague. This area includes a number of historic buildings that have become known for their displays, gardens and architecture. The castle district includes the Prague Cathedral, the Senate Gardens, and Golden Row, which is known for its quaint shops and cafes. If you visit the Castle District, be prepared to walk and you will need to set aside at least half of a day to enjoy each of the buildings and sites in the area.


National Theater

The National Theater in Prague is breathtaking for a number of reasons. It sits just on the banks of the Vitava River and it includes unique architecture such as a shining, gold roof. If you visit the National Theater for the shows, then you will find that it is quite well known for operas that people remember forever. The operas available revolve, so you may wish to check out the schedule for the theater before determining which day to visit. Keep in mind that this is a working opera, so you will need to choose the right attire and it is not suitable for young children who may make noise.


Lobkowicz Palace

Not only is this palace significant for its architecture, but it is also an important and worthwhile art museum. It includes a private collection of art that is larger than any other collection that you could find in the area. Lobkowicz Palace features original artworks from various royal families throughout the history of the Czech Republic. If you visit, you may find that the audio tour will be quite helpful since it will provide you with plenty of detailed information about the art that you will see while you take the tour.


Prague Zoo

You may be thinking that this is just any other zoo, but that is certainly not the case. The Prague Zoo has gained the reputation for being the most renowned in all of Europe, featuring 2,000 different animals. The zoo does not specialize in standard animals that you would see at other zoos, so you may get to see creatures that you have only seen in pictures before. Visit during the summer months and you will even get the opportunity to enjoy a boat tour throughout the location, which is a fun and entertaining perspective to enjoy.

A visit to Prague would not be complete without a visit to these attractions. When you choose to visit them, you will not regret it.


Features Rated by Prague Locals

The landmarks in Prague are abundant. Most travel guide info includes descriptions of some significant structures that played a key role in European history. The Prague Castle is perhaps the most well known of all area landmarks. This ancient castle is the biggest on in the world, making it a popular tourist attraction. You can also view the Charles Bridge, which dates back to the 14 th Century. Prague travel also provides access to the Prague Zoo, the Prague Dancing House, the Czech National Gallery, and the DOX Center for Contemporary Art.

When you visit this historic city, you will be able to peruse some of the oldest and most important structures in all of Europe. Along with access to a variety of other cities, Prague travel is an ideal way to take a look at the history of Europe through its plethora of landmarks, historic districts, and nearby areas.