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Denmark the Scandinavian Island Paradise

The entrance into Scandinavia is Denmark with over 400 islands with 72 uninhabited. Denmark is a thriving tourism industry with approximately 4.9 million people visiting per year. Danish people are extremely patriotic and proud of the achievements made by their country. They live in a comfortable way and employ modesty in all facets of their life. This even extends to the architectural designs that are constructed without flamboyancy and extravagance. The country is full of sandy beaches that make for a relaxing and comfortable vacation under the sun. Denmark travel offers a lot of exciting opportunities for a tourist to explore.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, and it is radiant with contemporary architectural designs and a charming array of different activities and entertainment to choose from. The city is grand in size, but small in atmosphere with quaint shops and a breathtaking panoramic view. A Copenhagen guide can give you the information you need to navigate the city, find the most interesting places to visit, and the art galleries that feature artists such as Rembrandt and Latisse. Picasso is another artist featured in Copenhagen, and the experience of seeing a work by Picasso in person is one that will stay with you forever. Hans Christian Anderson is the most influential author and poet that was born and lived in Denmark.


Information on Denmark is fairly easy to come by because of the rich culture and heritage the country exhibits. Aside from art, Denmark offers a collection of scientific and natural history, architecture and design. For a person who wants to expand their creative capacity, Denmark will have a lot of different elements to discover. Danish people are very friendly and helpful, although you should refrain from insulting their country as they do exhibit a desire to defend it on any occasion. Danish people speak quite a bit of English so this will help you navigate the country since you do not have to be fully versed in another language to converse with the people.


Travel options in Denmark are numerous including flights, train travel, taxis, boats, and bicycles. The transportation system in Denmark is highly developed and efficient so finding adequate transportation will not be a problem if you plan in advance. Some tips to consider when picking your preferred travel option is that a canal boat ride can show you the most intriguing sights in Denmark on the water. If you need more information on cruise lines or accommodations in Denmark, tour guides are available in print or on video to help you navigate the country.


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