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Copenhagen Travel Advice

Taking a Holiday in Copenhagen, Denmark
for the Finest in Innovation and the Arts

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, and a very large city that is reminiscent of a time when people were gracious and friendly to each other. The shopping and culture in this area is enough to keep travelers coming back to experience the city again, but there is also an eclectic mix of music, architecture, romance, and design that can be found within this area. Most of the attractions in Copenhagen are geared toward English-speaking tourists, and there are a variety of art galleries and museums to explore in this area.


The sciences are also prized in Copenhagen, and there are an extensive collection of venues dedicated to natural history and the development of the sciences. The Copenhagen Zoo, the Experimentarium, and the Zoology Museum all offer a unique perspective into the city's status as fast paced and ever growing. The Botanical Gardens are another excellent place to explore when looking at the natural wonders in this city.


Copenhagen Travel Guide & Things to Do

The architecture in Copenhagen is quite unique, with helical corridors and platforms for observation so that you can get a better view of the city. Another notable place to explore if you are interested in architecture is the Church of Our Savior. This church was built with a marvelous circular staircase and a towering spire. Other places to explore include Christiania, City Hall, and the Marble Church. Copenhagen is also home to a number of palaces that housed the royal class. There are four palaces that are identical and display beautiful classicist architecture called the ‘palaces of Amalienborg.


In addition to all of these stunning attributes, Copenhagen is also home to a number of beaches and amusement parks. If you are unsure of what to do on a particular day, take a break and visit the lovely inner harbor. If you are interested in visiting a typical beach, then the Charlottenlund Fort and the Amager Strandpark will allow you to soak up the sun on the water's edge.


This cosmopolitan city is exciting and brilliant because it offers you the chance to explore as many different facets of Danish culture as you choose. With the brilliant designs, the mesmerizing architecture, and the timeless artwork, Copenhagen is sure to be a place that will spark your interest. The beauty of Copenhagen is in its innovation, and this lively city offers the best experience in the arts, transportation, and recreation. The weather in Copenhagen, Denmark varies with the four seasons, and the best time to visit is normally in the spring and summer. Tourist information can be found from the tourist office in Copenhagen, online, or from a travel agency so that you can help better plan your exciting holiday.

Best places to see in Copenhagen

If you are interested in history, then you will definitely find Copenhagen a site to see. This city is the oldest structured city that you will find in Europe and that means it is filled with history. Settled by the Vikings many years ago, Copenhagen offered a unique mix of historic and modern architecture throughout the area. You will find plenty of things to see and do in Copenhagen, but you will certainly want to spend some time at each of the attractions below.


National Museum

A great way to begin your visit to Copenhagen would be a trip to the National Museum. Situated in the central area of the city, the museum is located within a historical manor house. You will be able to see exhibits and artifacts that date all the way back to the prehistoric times in the area. There is no better way to see a visual history for the city and the country. If you visit during the summer, you will even be able to take part in tours with an English speaking guide, which can be quite helpful since the museum is large and filled with exhibits.


The David Collection

A free museum located in the city, the David Museum is quite unique. It includes a variety of Islamic and Muslim art and artifacts. You will be able to see ancient artwork, manuscripts and much more. Additionally, the museum has a large display of Danish furniture that you will be able to enjoy as well. The museum is large and will take several hours to enjoy, but you do not have to enjoy it all at once. It is free admission, so you may visit as often as you would like.


Church of Our Saviour

Of course, no visit to such a historical city would be complete without a visit to one of the breathtaking churches. The Church of Our Savior is dramatic on the outside, featuring black and gold architecture. It also holds regular services, so it is important to be respectful during your visit. If you tour with a group, you will be able to climb to the top spire for an amazing view of the city surrounding the church. You can only climb the spire when there is not a service going on, so be sure to time your visit carefully.


Rosenborg Castle

While you may hear it referred to as a country home, this is definitely much more than just a home. The residence is the home of a long line of royalty in Denmark and it is designed in a Renaissance style that offers a unique architectural look. You will be able to see displays of royal jewelry including a pearls exhibit. The Rosenborg castle gives you a chance to see a great deal of the royal treasury from Denmark as well. If you wish to take pictures, you will have to purchase a sticker in order to carry your camera on the tour.

When you choose to visit Copenhagen, you will certainly have a number of attractions you could visit. The four above should be considered must sees as a part of your trip.

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