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Located in the Randers municipality, the city of Randers is found on the Jutland peninsula. As the only natural river harbor in the country, it is a scenic area that has been a popular trade locale for centuries. The area is also known for its agriculture, commerce, and unique architecture. Visitors to the area will be able to explore many landmarks, outdoor areas, and nearby cities. Randers travel makes it easy to enjoy the beauty of Denmark while taking pleasure in the tranquility of this quiet area.


Officially established in the 12 th Century, the area of Randers was settled by Vikings many centuries prior. During a visit to the area, you can enjoy a variety of attractions. You can easily venture to the capital city of Copenhagen, which is found just over 100 miles away. With a multitude of tourist attractions, landmarks and other points of interest, you can find plenty to see and do in Randers.


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The Randers Tropical Zoo is one of the most unique areas in the city. It is an artificial rainforest, which features hundreds of animal and plant species. It is the largest Zoo of its kind in Northern Europe and includes a Snake Garden and Aquarium as well. Other attractions include the Randers Art Museum, Museum of Cultural History, Clausholm Castle, and Saint Mortens Church, which dates back to the 15 th Century.

Randers travel provides the opportunity to partake in some of the most interesting sites in Denmark. With many eateries, pubs, and lodging opportunities, it's easy to enjoy a visit to this picturesque area. Found on the banks of the River Guden, Randers is a beautiful area that features the only natural river harbor in the country. From outdoor recreation to areas of cultural interest, you will find a multitude of activities to take part in during your visit to Randers.