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Welcome to City of Silkeborg

Located in central Denmark, Silkeborg is a beautiful and modern city that serves as home to over 42,000 people. Directly through the middle of the city is the Slikeborg Lake, which quickly becomes the Guden River. The river and lake constitute a great deal of the activities and sights that Silkeborg has to offer, but there are also several historic buildings that are meant to be seen. The city is alive with culture, music, and art, which means that visitors will always have plenty to do.


To get a taste of the architecture and activities that the city of Silkeborg has to offer, there are several suggested stops for tourists. The structures span several different eras, and there are still examples from most. The Vadntarnet, Amaliegade is highly recommended, as well as the Det gamie radhus. The churches and monasteries in the area are also a great way to get a sense of the history of Silkeborg. Silkeborg Kirke, Tvilum Kirke, Gronbaek Kirke, and Mariehoj Kirke present beautiful examples of architecture. Several museums are located in Silkeborg offering art, history, and culture, such as the Silkeborg Museum, the Silkeborg Museum of Art, and the Papirmuseet Bikuben, which is a museum dedicated to the city's paper factory.


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Sightseeing Of Silkeborg

The closest major airport to Silkeborg is the Karup Airport, which welcomes domestic flights daily. For international flights, the best airport choice is the Billund Airport, located fifty-four kilometers from Silkeborg. The Aarhus Airport also receives daily international flights, and it is located sixty-seven kilometers from the city center. There are several bus lines, as well as trains, to carry travelers to and from the airports. Inside the city, several sights are well within walking distance from most hotels, making Silkeborg a wonderful city to see on foot. Many travelers and residents enjoy traveling the city by bicycle, as well.