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England is a diverse, multicultural country offering a wide variety of picturesque scenes and historical monuments and museums to attract visitors and tourists. As one of Europe's most inviting countries, England provides an endless array of interesting activities such as visiting ancient castles, walking through enchanting parks, viewing historic art in galleries, or marveling at spectacular cathedrals. London is an international commerce center focusing on finance and business, and it is also one of the most vibrant cities in the world with landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and the Westminster Abbey to visit and explore.


A Guide to the 2012 London Olympics

England travel usually includes at least a few days in London. London is a sprawling metropolis endowed with scenic parks and elegant landscapes to offset the chaotic atmosphere sometimes found on the main streets in the heart of London. One of the most notable parks in London is Regents Park offering a natural and genuinely tranquil environment for a leisurely stroll or an afternoon picnic. Some of the most notable sites worth visiting in London are the British Museum, the National Gallery, the Marble Arch, St. Paul's Cathedral, and the Tower of London. Each of these sights offers a unique history and an appealing ambiance.


In addition, London is home to fashion icons such as Burberry and Manolo Blahnik and have a considerable number of other designer stores stationed throughout the city. Shopping is a pleasure in London as the city offers clothing and accessories from sophisticated designers as well as affordable merchandise suitable for everyone. There are also fine dining options available in England offering exceptional wines and delicious gourmet dishes.


Another spectacular landmark to visit in England is the Windsor Castle, officially one of the Queen's residences. It was constructed in 1080 A.D. and has since been given unique works of art by artists such as Rembrandt and Rubens. The remarkable furniture in the castle is of French and English origin. Fine porcelain and other treasures can be viewed inside the Castle. The Tower of London is another essential feature of London tourism.


Some great ideas for travel tips can be found in an England travel guide. A travel agent or planner can assist in giving you info and travel tips about your upcoming vacation to England. It is important to discuss insurance options as well as the currency exchange rate in your country. Exploring your transit options and the type of transportation most suited to your needs is another consideration.

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