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Cambridge -- A Charming University Town in England

For breathtaking views and uniquely exceptional architecture, Cambridge is a city or irreplaceable value in England. More than three and a half million people visit the city every year. If you are looking to see a distinguished University City in England, then Cambridge is the perfect location to see and explore. You will find a lot of different activities to do in this city as well as remarkable landmarks and buildings to discover. Cambridge is well known as an academic centre of England, but it is also renowned for its flawless architectural style and the rich culture and history found throughout the city.


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Sightseeing Of Cambridge

You may want to visit the University of Cambridge with notable alumni such as Sir Isaac Newton and Lord Byron. The city is nestled in the middle of a number of quaint villages with distinct heritages and culture. There are also a number of ancient monuments located throughout the area. In addition, you can find museums, galleries, parks, gardens, and an array of universities. The view of King's college is spectacular and there is also a picturesque chapel located on the grounds. For a relaxing day at the park, you can visit any of the following venues: The Backs, Jesus Green, Parker's Piece, Christ's Pieces, and the Botanic Garden. The most popular museum is the Fitzwilliam Museum, and this museum is an extension of the University of Cambridge specializing in arts and antiquities. Some other notable museums in the area of the University Museum of Zoology, the Whipple Museum of the History of Science, the Museum of Classical Archaeology, and the Folk Museum.

The history and culture of Cambridge is thoroughly interlaced with the town churches. These sites will provide you with great insight into the city's architecture and design as well as the historical influence of Christianity. The most popular churches to visit are the All Saints Church on Jesus Lane, Great St. Mary's church, and St. Benet's Church. You may want to check with a video tourism guide or travel agency to find out information on each of the festivals in the city because some of the festivals are interesting and unique to the area, for example, the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival. You can also find photos and information on hotel accommodations, shopping, and restaurants in Cambridge. For an Old World University town filled to the brim with history and heritage, Cambridge is an essential destination on any trip to England.