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Greenwich -- a Maritime City in the Southeast of London

Greenwich is located in the southeast region of London and provides travelers with a chance to experience a diverse number of cultural and historical landmarks and participate in a number of activities. Many tourists come to Greenwich for the great bargains that can be found in the local shops and markets. The city also has an array of splendid museums and central attractions like the Royal Observatory.

For a maritime adventure, Greenwich is the perfect place to spend your holiday learning about the interesting events that have taken place in the city. The most popular tourist destination in Greenwich is the Cutty Sark, a ship that finds its final resting place in the Greenwich bay. You can find this magnificent ship beyond the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. This old tea clipper was used during a time when many people raced around the world trying to get the largest stock of tea available in the market. While the tea clipper did not win the race, she did become well known for making a trip to Australia in 72 days. The ship has been well preserved and turned into a National Heritage Museum in Greenwich.


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Sightseeing Of Greenwich

Some other places to visit in Greenwich include the Eltham Palace, Greenwich Park, the National Maritime Museum, and the Royal Naval College. The Royal Naval College at one point was a Baroque Palace that has since been restored into a painted hall and chapel. You can stroll around the grounds and enjoy the ambiance created by the classical music in the air. If you want to get a more full view of the city, there are a number of tour guides that are available in the area.

The tourism industry in Greenwich is expanding to accommodate more visitors and guests every year. Greenwich is a portal to greater London that is worthy of more than just a day of exploration. You can travel from Greenwich to London by boat, by railway, or by tube so after you have seen the sights and tasted the fine cuisines located in Greenwich, you can travel directly back to London quickly and easily. Greenwich does use the pound so if you are unfamiliar with this currency, it is advisable to check with your bank to find out the currency exchange rate. Greenwich offers visitors the chance to experience a different element of history and culture found exclusively in the maritime city.