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Manchester is England’s Growing Cosmopolitan and Cultural Hub

Manchester, England is an up and coming cosmopolitan area that rivals London in energy and vitality. This city offers you the opportunity to experience a different atmosphere, and you will be able to find an array of different activities and landmarks to make the trip worthwhile. Manchester is located in the northwest portion of England and is in constant competition for the title of “Second City.” Many people travel to this area to experience fine cuisine, historical landmarks, and manicured gardens and parks. Manchester has a variety of cultural and historical treasures to offer tourists, but they also have an energetic cosmopolitan area that deserves exploration as well.

To see the flourishing cosmopolitan area of the city, visit Chinatown to try rare Chinese and Japanese delicacies and hear native speakers that have a number of interesting products to trade and sell. Another hip and trendy area to visit in Manchester is the Village. The area is well known for its established gay neighborhoods and tolerance toward the gay community. There are a number of excellent restaurants in the village, the most notable being Velvet. Next, you can check out the Curry Mille to select from a number of curry restaurants lining the streets.


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Sightseeing Of Manchester

In addition to providing accommodations for young, trendy travelers, history enthusiasts will find a myriad of different sites and landmarks to observe including the Castlefield, the University of Manchester, the Manchester Museum, and John Rylands Library. You can also explore a number of old churches that offer a welcoming atmosphere inside and brilliant designs and architecture. Cultural Manchester has everything from concert halls to theatres and libraries. Some exceptional examples of the cultural environment in Manchester are the Central Library and Theatre, the Cornerhouse, the Lowry, and the Manchester Art Gallery. There are also a number of museums to fill up your itinerary and help you better understand the culture of the area.

For more information on restaurants and hotels in Manchester, you can watch a video travel guide. The shopping opportunities in Manchester are diverse, and you can find handcrafted items to designer clothing in the city. If you are looking to travel during the time of one of the many festivals in the city, there is an Irish Festival during two weeks of the year and an International Festival that is held every other year. When visiting Manchester, your travel options are virtually limitless.