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Welcome to City of Parnu

Located on the southwestern coast of Estonia is the city of Parnu. The city is settled on the Gulf of Riga, which makes it the perfect destination for vacationers. In addition to some beautiful historic structures, there are also plenty of modern hotels, restaurants, and museums. Visitors can also enjoy miles of beaches. As the city dates back to the thirteenth century, there are some amazing buildings that tourists appreciate visiting.


Travelers will find plenty of places of interest aside from the beaches, such as the Red Tower. The Historic Centre is the oldest building in the town square, dating back to the fifteenth century. Tourists also love to see the conjoined houses from the seventeenth century. There are also several opportunities to enjoy culture and art, including the Parnu New Art Museum, which was once the headquarters for the Communist Party. Many also believe that a visit to Parnu is not complete without a trip to the Parnu Mudaravila, which is a neoclassical building that houses mud bath treatments.



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Sightseeing Of Parnu

Getting to Parnu, Estonia is very easy. The closest airport is the international airport in Tallinn. From there, the train departs for Parnu twice each day, and the trip is about two and a half hours. Car rental is also possible to travel to and from the airport. In addition to train services, there are also several bus and coach services that travel from several different cities into the city of Parnu. Another bus system serves the city of Parnu, and it is excellent for travel to various places of interest. Many people enjoy the ferry connection from Kihnu and Ruhnu, because it offers the opportunity to see more of the area. While in the city, many attractions can be reached on foot, though a bicycle could also be beneficial.