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Saaremaa is an island in the country of Estonia and is home to over 39,000 people. The largest city on this largest island in the country is Kuressaare, which has a population of nearly 15,000 people. The island itself has been inhabited since ancient times, since the era of the Vikings. It was also home to some Estonian pirates during its wealthiest years. Most of the surviving structures are from medieval times, as well as the Middle Ages, and they bring travelers from all over the world to see them. In addition, there are modern conveniences throughout the island.


There are many amazing buildings from history, as well as quite a few modern structures. Some of the most popular places of interest on Saaremaa include the Kuressaare Castle, the Soviet World War II Memorial, the Angla Windmill, the bell tower at Kihelkonna, the manor house at Loona, and the ruins of the castle of Maasi. Travlers to the area also enjoy beautiful sights of nature, such as the Saaremaa countryside and Mustjala cliff. A particularly interesting sight on the island is the location of the Kaali Meteorite, where nine craters dot the earth. The largest hold Lake Kaali.



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Sightseeing Of Saaremaa

Reaching the island of Saaremaa is easy. International flights arrive daily to Tallinn airport. The municipal airport in Kuressaare welcomes a steady stream of arrivals to the island. Many people also enjoy taking the ferry to the island, which departs from several different locations. On the island, there are plenty of options for public transportation. Buses and trains are available for travel within towns and in between cities. Car rental is also available, as well as plenty of taxis. Many visitors enjoy renting bicycles to enjoy the nature of the island, and there are several sights within walking distance from each other within the cities.