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Welcome to City of Tartu

As the second largest city in Estonia, Tartu is considered a center of culture and learning. The city of Tartu is located in the south of Estonia on the banks of the Emajogi River, and it has been in existence since the first Estonian fortress was built in the fifth century. The rich history of the city has provided architecture from several different eras, most of which still stands today. Though there is plenty of history, the city is also thoroughly modern. In addition to excellent examples of Gothic and baroque architecture, there are also several contemporary buildings throughout the city.

Visitors to the area find that there are several places of interest to see, such as the University of Tartu Botanical Gardens, Angel's Bridge, Town Hall, Cathedral Hill, Barclay Square, St. John's Cathedral, and Tartu Cathedral. There are also several museums, including the Estonian Literary Museum, the Tartu Art Museum, and the A Le Coq Beer Museum. Several festivals for music and food take place in Tartu throughout the year. Travelers to the area will also find that there are several excellent restaurants and top of the line shopping destinations. There is nothing that this city can't offer.



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Sightseeing Of Tartu

The Tartu Airport welcomes flights from hundreds of cities on a daily basis, and is the best bet for travel into the city. There are also several trains from multiple cities into Tartu every day. Tartu itself has an excellent network of public transportation, with buses and trains that travel throughout the city. Travelers will find that navigation is quite easy to some of the most popular attractions. Many people will find that several sights are within walking distance, and bicycles also make a great way to see the city of Tartu. When walking and biking won't work, there are plenty of taxis at the ready.