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Faroe Islands Travel

Welcome to Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a collection of a hundred villages located on 18 islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. If you travel to the Faroe Islands you will never be more than 5 kilometers from the ocean at any given point. The countryside is flourishing with beautiful greenery and rugged terrain. The vistas that can be seen in this country are unparalleled and stunning. The Faroe Islands tourist season operates between May and September because of its proximity to the Arctic Circle. In the winter, the daylight hours only number five of twenty-four so it is best to travel in the summer to get more sunlight.


Faroe Islands travel can consist of a visit to the numerous picturesque towns like the capital Torshavn. A guide is especially helpful in determining the best place in the Faroe Islands to visit because there are so many different islands to choose from. The inner area of the islands has sharp mountain peaks and plentiful wildlife. The natural beauty of the Islands is a site to behold. Most visitors are attracted to the contrast of colors found in the natural elements in the island. Bright green land contrasted with deep blue oceans gives the country an appealing look and feel.


The economic conditions in the Faroe Islands are dominated by the fishing industry with tourism coming in second. The Faroe Islands have an extremely low unemployment rate, and the country is looking to expand economic opportunities within the country to make room for other industries and products other than tourism and fishing. When you enter the country, you can use a number of different airports. It is best to check around for the best price on flights and for the closest airport to the place where you will be staying.


Faroese is spoken by the majority of Faroe Island citizens and it is a dialect of Icelandic. Advice for any traveler to the Faroe Islands is to become familiar with at least a few words and phrases in the language so that in the event you need help with directions or travel assistance, you can speak to a citizen who can help you. The currency used in the Faroe Islands is the Danish krone. Find out about the currency exchange rates before visiting the Faroe Islands so you can get a better idea of how your money will convert while you are on holiday. Other tips for travel can be found in a video guide or a print publication like a brochure.

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