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Welcome to City of Sandoyar

Sandoyar is a small island that is part of the greater collection known as the Faroe Islands. Most of the communities on the island are quite small, with the largest town of Sandur boasting a population of six hundred people. The villages of Skarvanes, Skalavik, Dalur, Husavik, and Skopun make up the remaining population of the island. There are structures on the island that date back to the eleventh century, and evidence has been found of life on the island even before that. A burial ground from the times of the Viking occupation has been excavated.

While the main activities for visitors to the island seems to be relaxation or bird watching at the cliffs, there are quite a few sights and places of interest to visit. The historic Sandur Church is one such sight, as well as the Sands Bygdasavn, which is a local museum that exhibits the traditional wooden houses and grass roofs. The Art Museum of Sandur is open from late spring to early fall to tourists. There are also several boating and fishing excursions that depart daily, where visitors can really enjoy the beauty of the islands.



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Sightseeing Of Sandoyar

Getting to Sandoyar takes some time. Most travelers will catch a connecting flight to the Vagar Airport and then take one of ten daily bus trips into Torshavn. From Torshavn, ferry trips leave on a regular basis to the island of Sandoyar, and the trip takes about half an hour. Once on the island, travelers find that walking is quite pleasant, and a bicycle ride is a great way to see everything there is to see without missing something. Buses are also available to transport passengers from village to village, and car rentals are also available for travel. The island is definitely worth the time it takes to get there.