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Welcome to City of Suduroy

Located on the southernmost tip of the Faroes is Suduroy Island, which is known for its culture and beauty. The history of the island is vast and varied, including stories of Vikings and many other eras since. There are several villages that make up the island of Suduroy, including Hvalba and Sumba to the north and south respectively, the most important on the island. Though large for island standards, they are still small hamlets with a cozy feel and a welcoming nature. The village of Famjin is on the west of the island, and Oravik, Porkeri, Vagur, and Hov make up the rest of the population.


An island with so much history is sure to have several structures of antiquity, and Suduroy does not disappoint. Throughout the island, visitors will find several examples of houses and churches from bygone eras. Many of these are wooden with the traditional grass roofing. Other activities on the island include a trip to the Gallery Oyggin, which shows art by Faroese and Nordic artists, and the Ruth Ann Smith Art Gallery. The island is also rich in nature, so hiking the mountains is a popular pastime. The Kaspar cave also should not be missed when on Suduroy. The island is also host to summer events and festivals for Mid-summer's Day, with music, food, and racing events.


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Sightseeing Of Suduroy

Getting to the island requires a bus trip from Torshavn. Torshavn is easily reached first by bus from the Vagar Airport, which is the only airport in the Faroe Islands. Once on the island, there are bus tours available to the villages, and there are several stops along the way for sightseeing. Many visitors like to see the island by bicycle, as well, and find that walking through the villages to the shops and restaurants is quite easy.