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Welcome to City of Vestmanna

Vestmanna is located on Streymoy, the main island of the Faroe Islands. This town on the northwest coast is home to about 1300 people, most of whom are a part of the fishing industry. The island has evidence of Viking occupation, but this is not the earliest evidence of civilization. Excavations have actually turned up evidence that Irish monks were the first to ever settle on the Faroe Islands, specifically the island of Streymoy.


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Sightseeing Of Vestmanna


Though there are several structures still remaining on the island for those seeking history, most prefer to visit Streymoy and Vestmanna for the birdwatching and nature experiences that are available. There are many excursions daily to the Vestmanna Bird Cliffs, and several boats also leave the ports daily for fishing trips. The more adventurous visitors may wish to rent ATVs for traveling around the island. For those seeking culture and a chance to learn about the history of the islands, Vestmanna also offers the SagaMuseum, which is the only wax museum in the Faroe Islands. The history of the islands is told through the figures. There are also plenty of shops, restaurants, and cozy accommodations for all visitors to the island and to Vestmanna.

Getting to Vestmanna on the island of Streymoy takes a few steps. Most travelers fly into the Vagar Airport, which is the only airport on the Faroe Islands. Connecting flights are welcomed into the Vagar Airport on a daily basis. From there a bus can be taken into the village of Vestmanna. The trip usually takes about thirty minutes. Many visitors enjoy cruising the island on bicycles or ATVs, though there are buses available for trips around to the villages on the island. Most of the villages are easily seen on foot, with many shops and restaurants located in close proximity to each other.