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Northern Lights and Scenic Landscapes
Make Finland a Notable Travel Destination

A country with scenic vistas and plentiful ski resorts is Finland. Travel to this country can be expensive, but if you choose the right location, the trip will be well worth the money. Flights can be arranged at one of the 25 airports in Finland, and this is the best way to enter the country – just remember to book in advance so you can get the best price on your tickets. Finland is home to a number of national parks and ski resorts. Most skiing in Finland is cross-country instead of downhill. More information on ski resorts can be found in a travel guide.


The capital and largest city in Finland is Helsinki. Helsinki is known as the “Daughter of the Baltic.” The city has a lot of festivals and entertainment throughout the year so check with a travel agent or in tourism information to see which festivals are going on during your stay. Musical festivals are the most common, but there are also festivals to celebrate the birth of the city and other accomplishments of Finnish people. Churches and museums are sparsely located throughout the city offering a glimpse into the culture and architectural style of the country's heritage. One notable church to see while you are in Helsinki is the Lutheran Cathedral. It is a green domed church with gorgeous architectural styles and a magnificent appearance.


Vassa is a site to consider on any trip to Finland. Vassa is very near the Kvarken Archipelago, and UNESCO declared it a World Natural Site. Vassa is heavily influenced by Swedish culture and has a wide variety of museums and galleries to choose from. Another city to stop in on a tour through Finland is Savonlinna. This town is composed mostly of lakes, and it has an interesting castle and opera festival to add to its allure. The Northern Lights can also be viewed after 11:30 pm in the Northern part of Finland. The beauty of the Aurora Borealis is a spectacular sight to behold.


Finish and Swedish are both spoken in Finland, and the country is officially bilingual. It is probably best to learn a bit of Finnish before you travel because Swedish is only the mother tongue to a small percentage of the population. Information on currency exchange rates should also be looked at before traveling because the Finnish people use the Euro. If you need more information on Finland or travel accommodations, then view a video guide or a print guide to give you details.


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