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The Aland Islands in Finland are a group of islands located in the Baltic Sea. The main island, called Fasta Aland, contains about ninety percent of the total population for Aland. All together, there are more than 6,500 islands and skerries that make up the Aland Islands, of which only three hundred are habitable and only eighty are inhabited. Even the habitable islands are not very lush or green. The Aland Islands are all rocky, with only a very thin layer of soil that is not conducive to too much growing.

Aland, Finland is entirely autonomous, which means that they keep running without the aid of Finland. The residents speak almost entirely Swedish, and they fully enjoy their separation from the powers of Finland. In fact, though the official currency is the Euro, the Swedish krona is also widely accepted on the Aland Islands. The islands rely on shipping for about forty percent of their total economy, with trade and tourism making up the rest. Shipping in the Aland Islands means that there are some great ports, such as Mariehamn, Berghamn, and Langnas.


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Visitors to the islands will find a tranquil atmosphere meant to relax and rejuvenate. The Aland Islands are perfect for a boating or outdoors holiday. The town of Mariehamn, which is the main town of the islands, offers plenty of shopping and dining, as well as accommodations that will suit any budget. Outside the cities and towns, tourists will find beautiful nature and sea views. There are several historic sites, including the fortress ruins of Bomarsund from the Russian era and the castle of Kastelholm from when the Swedish ruled. There are also hundreds of churches and medieval monuments to see during a trip.

Transportation to the islands is almost exclusively provided by ferries, so travel tips suggest flying into a nearby airport before catching a ride.