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Welcome to City of Turku

The medieval city of Turku is located on the southwest coast of Finland. Believed to have been founded in the thirteenth century, Turku is the oldest city in the country. It was, in fact, the capital of Finland for several years, until the capital was moved to Helsinki during Russian rule. As of today, there are over 175,000 people living inside the city of Turku, with another 300,000 in the surrounding region. This makes Turku the third largest metropolis in the country of Finland. The city enjoyed an illustrious reputation as the cultural and political center of Finland until Helsinki took both designations. The architecture throughout the city still bears the mark of medieval times, while there are many modern buildings in between. The remaining architecture covers all of the eras in between.


Tourists to the city will enjoy seeing the Cathedral of Turku, Turku Castle, Michael's Church, the Turkish Orthodox Church, Brinkhall Manor, the Pharmacy Museum, and the Old Mill in Samppalinna. The city is also a great source of culture, with several art, history, and educational museums. There are also dozens of art galleries, as well as theatres and cinemas with the latest in entertainment. Visitors are encouraged to see the Turku Art Museum and the Sibelius Museum. If given the chance, a visit to the symphony orchestra is also encouraged. Turku is also an excellent city for sports, with two football teams and excellent ice hockey organizations.


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Sightseeing Of Turku

Travel to the city is easy, with flights into Turku Airport on a regular basis. There is plenty of public transportation for traveling throughout the city, though many sights are within walking distance of most hotels and accommodations. Tourist tips recommend bicycle rental for an easy and efficient way to see the whole of the city while also enjoying the outdoors.