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Find Enlightened Culture in the Distinct Central City of Lyon

Lyon is a large city in France that is situated between the Rhone and Saone rivers that join in the south of the city and the Fourviere and Croix-Rousse hills. Lyon is located centrally between the Mediterranean Sea and the French Alps making it a focal point of any trip to France. The culinary masterpieces and inspiring architecture are reason enough to stop in and experience Lyon. The architectural structures and buildings found throughout the city were designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The heritage in this city is somewhat diverse with Latin and French influences seen throughout the area.

Some of the best places to visit in Lyon are off the beaten path so it is good to get a map complete with details and information while you are in town to show you some sites that are not commonly advertised. One of the attributes of this town is that you will not have to pay a dime to see most of the churches, villages, and monuments. The museums may require a small fee, but you can purchase a day pass that will give you unlimited access to the public transit and pay for your admission (or at least reduce it) to the major museums in the area.


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Sightseeing Of Lyon

Lyon is home to a number of museums, parks, churches, and cathedrals that are preserved in excellent condition. Visit the Fourviere basilica and enjoy the spectacular view or traverse the streets in Vieux Lyon to see the St. Jean Cathedral. For a quiet day in the park, you can visit the Parc de la Tete d'Or or the Parc de Gerland. Apart from Venice, Old Lyon is the most powerfully influenced Renaissance locale in all of Europe, and the buildings in this region are nothing short of magnificent.

Another special trait of the city is that the buildings are scintillating at night with lights decorating the most prominent city structures. The city is known for its festival of lights on December 8 th , but even throughout the year, the city is illuminated by hundreds of twinkle lights to create an enchanting evening ambiance. A video of the city at night can show you the magnificent lighting of the city.

The most common way to enter the city is by train or by air, but there are also other ways that you can consider to get to this city. Lyon is located in a central area of France, and within a short two-hour drive, you can be standing at the foot of the Alps. Lyon hotels will offer you all of the accommodations that you have become accustomed to in other flourishing cities of France, and in this area in particular, you will gain a lot of insight into the culture and heritage of the country.